Pokemon Go: Raid Magikarp More Likely to be Shiny!

It is quite evident by now that Raids in Pokemon Go have a new life into Pokemon this summer, helping in restoring the game to its former glory. Many high-level trainers
really are pissed that tier 1 and tier 2 raids are easy to beat all by themselves. And should be made harder.

On the contrary, there might something interesting with tier-1 raid Pokemon, especially the easiest of them all that is Magikarp. Many Pokemon Go enthusiasts are still confused over the fact that, why the heck was Magikarp even added as a raid boss, which is easily beaten.

But there seem to some sort of indications that the probability of catching a shiny Magikarp is little higher when you get it from a raid boss as compared to a wild one. The important researchers seem to face, when it comes to studying Magikarp raid data, is that most people are unwilling to participate in a Magikarp Raid, with their hard earned money, when they could invest the same raid pass into catching a strong Lapras, or a Rhydon.

There are several investigations that are currently ongoing on the possibility that raid boss Magikarp are more likely to be shiny. Which is a good thing for all the collectors out there. From what we have seen, Raid participants continue to encounter shiny Magikarp. Within a few hours of raids coming online, a gold Magikarp appeared, according to BlackSatinCH on Reddit.

Also considering the point that Magikarp raids are a common occurrence in raids in most places, many of the trainers in our study have shown an increased chance of getting a gold Magikarp. We are still performing calculations to verify the same.
At this point of time, it is just hard to say. It’s possible that a raid Magikarp may have a higher likelihood of being shiny.



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