Pokemon GO Raid Requirements Has Been Changed Again To Level 20

Pokemon GO Raid Battle Requirement has been changed once again. This was third time in last few days, back when Raid feature was launched it was for only top level trainers.

On Pokemon Go’s official twitter Niantic updated that trainers from Level 20 and above will be able to participate in Raid Battles at a wide variety of Gyms around the world.

place to notify you beforehand when a raid starts. This will be true for all the gyms that are in proximity to your location. If you control a gym in your locality you will receive a notification about  2 hours before a raid starts to pop, and the raids begin.

All trainers at level 20 and above will be able to try out the new raids system and tell us how was your experience. At this rate, we’ll be seeing a complete raids roll out by coming weekend, sometime early July like the first weekend.

Tip: Try looking for raids at Sponsored Pokestops like Starbucks and McDonald’s



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