Pokemon GO: Raids Are Better after the 0.69 Update!

Pokemon GO received an app update out of the blue just in time for their first ever in the real world. There are many exciting new things that this app update has bought into the game, ranging from support for Legendary Pokemon in the game to certain smaller things like improved app responsiveness.

One thing that many trainers seem to appreciate is that for some time now certain trainers were facing a lot of bugs with Pokemon Raids ever since they were introduced a few weeks ago. Now it looks like most of the bugs with Raids have mostly been squashed, leading to a more refined raiding experience.

One of the most notable changes that the new app update came with is actually pretty useful in most use case scenarios. If you are running the latest app version you might see raids happening at places that might be far away from your current location.

Initially, I was thinking that it was a bug, but then later, one of the co-workers said he is having the same problem. So we starting investigating this further. It turns out that there is this new feature that Niantic has put out. If you have a Pokemon defending a gym and a raid starts at that gym. Trainers now get to see what Raid Boss is that particular gym. It is done so that trainers could easily get to their favorite raiding spots just in time for when the Raid boss shows up.

This is also quite apparent on the Pokemon info screen, there are various screenshots posts by trainers that there are Pokemon that they are currently defending at gyms have returned to them.

This was an interesting new addition to the game, hope you find this helpful. Breaking news is that Niantic just launched a new trailer video showcasing legendary Pokemon making their first ever public appearance.

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