Pokemon Go: Raids Defenders should Change!

Ok, so this is a big one, ever since the gym rework was launched there is been a ton of hype going around that these Pokemon Go raids are an awesome feature to have in the game, and they actually are.

Many experts and analysts from popular publications like the Forbes Magazine, Telegraph and many other predicted that these changes will be driving forward the gameplay mechanics in Pokemon Go.

One of the earliest complaints that we received from the game is that trainers were unable to get into raids as they were still limited to top tier trainers only at that time, over the course of following weeks, the minimum level requirement for raids was brought down drastically. Now in the early days of July they requirement is down to a minimum of lv 5.

Now that the honeymoon period of raids is slowly fading away. I see only a bunch of people still getting excited about raids. Now there seems to be a problem here, that is there is a lack of new exciting content now. At this rate, the game will start feeling stale once again, probably by the end of July.

To avoid this, there are certain tactics that Niantic could employ strategic measures to keep the currently bloated user base active. That is to make sure that these raid bosses keep shuffling once in awhile. Out of all the 237 available Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Niantic has chosen a list of 23 Pokemon only.

Now the thing that many fans want to see is that these raid bosses being shuffled. Like Swapped for other Pokemon. Apart from legendary Pokemon, there are other Pokemon like the Fossil Pokemon Kabutops, Omastar, and Aerodactyl. Then there is the mighty Dragonite.

Many unfortunate trainers who live in varied Biomes and rural areas, do not have the ability to catch stronger Pokemon like a Dragonite or a Lapras. With the addition of raids to the game, at least these players are no longer left behind. It’s this kind of casual player base that Niantic should not want to loose as they are the one’s that will have the best advantage, and will stick around longer.

There has been some sort of, evidence suggesting that these changes will be implemented as there would be consequent waves of raid bosses. As in the game’s code, it is suggested that literally, any Pokemon can be a raid boss.  Come on Niantic you give us a freaking Magicrap as a raid boss, you can do better.

To be honest, I don’t think there are any downsides to changing the raid bosses once in awhile, like probably once every month or two. What are your thoughts on this, let us know.



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