Pokemon GO: Raids Part Of Increased Encounters?

As part of the event, trainers worked hard to achieve. The rate in which trainers could encounter Pokemon was greatly increased! The Pokemon in order to unlock this bonus was by catching Normal type Pokemon; the most common spawning type in the game. Meaning this bonus was sure to be unlocked in only a matter of time.

Several Pokemon not often seen before started showing up once again. Even extremely rare Pokemon like Snorlax and Unown. This bonus is helping a lot of rural players, however, not only for the increased Pokemon spawns. It seems as if raids are spawning more frequently as well.

Normally in a well-populated town, raids wouldn’t be much of a problem. However, now it seems like there is always a raid at every gym! When one raid finishes, another one will show up. A lot of them are mostly Legendary Pokemon, but still a large increase for non-legendary raids.

If Raids are part of the increased encounter rate. Then it will be safe to say once raid bosses switch, it would be nice to have at least one encounter rate bonus during each new cycle. Rural players are loving the newly increased raid activity!



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