Pokemon GO: Raids Should Give Max Revives

Many trainers are dissatisfied with a large amount of revives they continuously keep getting rid of. Most of the revives for some trainers come from the several raids they can complete a day. Often seeing they have revives on average 6 revives per raid.


Should Revives even be a part of the reward system?

Considering most trainers lose a few Pokemon during a raid, revives should be a part of the reward system, though, it’s a little broken. The rewards you have a chance of obtaining are all high tier rewards. This means the rewards you can get are like no other reward in the game, or an upgraded version of an item.

For example, instead of us receiving normal Razz Berries. We can get Golden Razz Berries. Rare candies and the TM’s are the only items of their kind for now and can only be obtained through raids. Revives though, you can get them from leveling up and spinning at Pokestops pretty regularly.

The question is, should regular revives be given at the end of raids, or should they be max revives? If max revives were given at the same amount the regular ones are given. This could possibly put a stop to the large amount of fainted Pokemon trainers hold onto while they wait for max revives, or enough potions to fully heal their Pokemon.



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