Pokémon GO: Real life Poke-Stops Are Appearing In The US

This week Pokémon GO fans will be given their first real opportunity to catch the Legendary Birds, however there is more than just that now, as we are starting to get real-life Poke-Stops!

After spending some time (too much time) on the Pokémon GO forum on Reddit called The Silph Road, I soon discovered that something remarkable is now starting to happen in the US.

ccording to some players there are a few real-life Poke-Stops appearing in the wild, for all players to use.

This is actually too cool! Especially as we can now spin a real-life Poke-Stop, instead of just in the game and most importantly they will never lag or have an error.

But before you get too excited, I should let you know that these are only appearing in Chicago, however it’s a great sign for Pokémon GO fans.

Also when you do spin them in real-life, you don’t actually get the rewards that you get in the, obviously.

However, these real-life Poke-Stops that are starting to appear are signs that a in-game Poke-stop exists there.

Essentially it’s just a sign that says “there is a Poke-Stop here”, which Pokémon GO fans can drop a lure and chill under, whilst playing their favourite game of course.

Hopefully we will see more of these in places outside of Chicago as well, so that all Pokémon GO trainers can enjoy them everywhere.

Also because there is now real-life Poke-Stops appearing, does that means real-life gyms are next? It would be pretty cool to walk into a gym designed by Niantic and have a group of Pokémon GO trainers trying to take it over, however I doubt that will actually happen, as it would be incredibly expensive.



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