Pokemon GO: Receive New Items from Gyms

Ok, this is just in, the most awesome news just dropped, literally my fingers are shaking right now as I type this document on my laptop, ok let’s just get to the point.

So we were all sad that gyms are going down all throughout the world, and guess what, Niantic just announced a major facelift to their Gym system. And its is DOPE AF, literally.

Off the many things that were announced, one of the new stuff that is that Gyms, also act as new Pokestops, yep you heard that right! This can only mean one thing, guys. There will be new items that can only be obtained from gyms. Items that will be put to good use during battles.

As said by Niantic

“You’ll soon be able to spin the PhotoDisc at Gyms to acquire items just as you do at PokéStops—but that’s only the beginning.”

Now, this is what we think where this idea came from, In Niantic other game Ingress, there are real worlds points of interest called as Portals, now previously in Pokemon Go these portals were either Pokestops or Gyms, effectively decreasing the total number of Pokestops in a particular area.

Now with the added ability of Pokestops being the new gyms, this can only mean one thing, more free in-game swag for everybody. Well not so soon buddy, we have reports that this new update is going to introduce battle specific items, and other cool items which have will provide certain strategic advantage into the game.

Even in ingress, you can get certain types of items from certain Pokestops only, so this is might be a further extension of the same idea. In the official announcement, Niantic states that there will be special items like Golden Razzberries, Rare candies (God I love those) and heck even TM’s are here.

Well, this new announcement is lit, there are so much finer details to be uncovered to make sure you get them first, look out for more posts from us.

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Anyways guys, have fun out there catching Pokemon and never pogo and drive.

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