Pokemon Go : Red Raid Boss Battle Guide.

Raids are a pretty interesting addition to the game, they have in a way successfully revitalized the game.to its former summer glory. I can slowly see people getting excited about the game once again. Which is a good sign to see.

Let’s talk about raids bosses now. As previously seen, raids boss battles come in 5 tiers, Level 1 through 5. With increasing difficulty. The most common raids that trainers can participate are tier1 and 2, raids. These are characterized by Raid egg being Pink in color These are the most common types of raids that are going around at sponsored Pokestops.

By crowdsourcing, we have curated a list of Pokemon that fall in a particular tier of raids.In Tier 1 Raids (One Star) you get raids bosses as, Bayleef, Quilava, Croconaw, and Magikarp.

In Tier 2 Raids (Two Star) you encounter the following raid bosses, Electabuzz, Exeggutor, Magmar, Muk, and Weezing.The maximum CP for Tier 1 Raid boss CP about 5100 and Tier 2 Raid Boss 11.6K.

Looking at those Pokemon, it is almost possible even for a novice lv 20+ level trainer to beat the raid boss pretty much all by themselves. To do that you will have time your dodges well and pick the right Pokemon and right moves. These are the best counter that we were able to find

  • Use Vaporeon against Quilava and Magmar.
  • Use Espeon against Weezing and Muk.
  • Use Pinsir/Scyther against Exeggutor (2x weak to Bug attacks).
  • Use Arcanine against Bayleef.
  • Use Jolteon against Magikarp and Croconaw.

Moving on to the question is doing solo raids advisable. The answer to that question depends on a lot of factors. Level 1 and 2 Raids are definitely doable all by one person themselves (almost quite easily) for strong 30+ players, however, I think everyone including Lv 40 trainers with multiple 3600 Tyranitars would struggle, but they would get close, to beating the raids boss.

From whatever research we have conducted above lv 3 raids, the number of trainers needed to beat a raid boss increases exponentially. The problem with lv 3+ raids is that the boss Pokemon has very high CP, to defeat b the time clock runs out.

Despite all the hardships that you will have to go through to beat a raids boss, it is worth beating a raid boss as it will reward you well with as the captures raid bosses will always have above 80% IVs. In all our research conducted we have never seen a raid boss with less than 80%IVs which is a good sign.

We are still conducting research on this subject and trying hard to improve our sample size, also we are trying to collect data from other countries sponsored Pokestops to see if there are any changes are there. As soon as who have some results to share, we will let you guys know, until then stay tuned guys.



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