Pokemon Go: Save Your Rare Candies!

In a surprise move, Niantic announced legendary raids minutes after Pokemon Go Fest ended, ever since that day Pokemon Go trainers have been going in crazy in the game, raiding every possible legendary Pokemon that they could find in town and try their best at catching as many of them as possible.

We have seen that there is a little amount of hype going on in the Pokemon community. In the comments section and generally online I see a bunch of trainers commenting that it’s best to invest your rare candies over these legendary Pokemon.

Now don’t get me wrong, to some sort of extent this fact is mostly true. But some other Pokemon Guru’s have pointed out that you would be better off if you power up your Zapdos instead of your Lugia or Articuno.

I know this might sound a little bit, confusing. But hear me out. When It comes to competitive battling, with legendary Pokemon, you’d only use legendary Pokemon as an attacker, not as a defender. And also keep in mind you will be needing decent attacker with preferably STAB bonus to better help you do well in raid battles.

Lugia is water and Psychic type Pokemon with its most powerful moves being Extrasensory and Future Sight. Being a water type Pokemon gives Lugia the advantage of tankiness and
General purposes good attacker.

The same goes to Articuno. Looking at its stats it fares well as a defender and not that much of breath attacker with frost breath and Blizzard/Ice Beam as its best moves.

Analyzing all the legendary Pokemon it makes a good choice if you’d prefer to invest your Rare Candies in powerful Pokemon like Zapdos. Comparing its stats to the best electric type Pokemon it is clear that it is a survivor Pokemon.

Moving on Moltres now has better attack and survivability than Flareon, but it isn’t as much of a difference as with Zapdos vs. Jolteon. Moltres’ being a fire/flying instead of pure fire gives him more of an advantage vs. grass types

I think it would be better off if you would spend your hard earned rare candies on a good enough legendary Pokemon keeping the game’s battle meta in mind.



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