Pokemon GO: Should Fainted Pokemon Be Able To Be Put In Gyms?

Trainers have been having a tough time keeping their Pokemon healed. In fact, you are better off putting Pokemon you plan to get rid of in gyms and save your good ones for raid bosses. That way you don’t have to worry about rather or not you have the items to full heal your top Pokemon.

In the original games, you Pokemon were fed berries, depending on the berry, it would heal you Pokemon. In Pokemon GO, the berry effects, thankfully, don’t take effect when feeding your Pokemon. However, your Pokemon’s health bar should be placed under neither the Pokemon defending gyms. That way trainers can help heal your Pokemon.

A feature like this won’t break the game because once your Pokemon is defeated, it will return to you fainted. The feature is to help trainers place Pokemon in gyms without using items to heal the Pokemon you wish to put in first.




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