Pokemon GO: Should Leftovers Be The Next On-Use Item?

Pokemon GO players have been struggling to keep their top Pokemon alive. They either lose them from defending, taking gyms down, or battling a raid boss. This means potions and revives should be used more often than once before right?

Well, they are, and the healing items are almost nonexistent now, or so it feels. Dropping a little more frequent than before the gym update. These items are used much more than when gyms used the prestige system. Making them hard to hold a decent stock.

In the games, though, a held item is able to heal a Pokemon after every battle. This item is called “Leftovers”. However, the mechanic would be different in Pokemon GO if Niantic decided to add an item like this. It would work similar to that of the Lucky Egg and Incense. Only it would… heal your Pokemon?!?

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There should be some sort of item that when used, it could slowly heal your Pokemon as you play the game. Note, it won’t work if you just used the item and logged off the game, you would have to work for the benefits.

This item could work a few different ways. One way would just be 30 minutes of slow health growth while logged into the game which is pretty boring. What if instead, it worked similar to that of the original.

Once the item is used, your ALREADY REVIVED Pokemon would slowly gain heal for every kilometer walk, Pokemon caught, Pokemon fed, raid boss defeted, gym battle, and every spin. It would kind of work like the poison debuff that was annoying to deal with in the old games. Only, this wouldn’t be a debuff!!!




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