Pokemon GO: Should Rare Candies Be Doubled Too?

Recently, rare candies have been added into Pokemon GO. In the older games a rare candy was used to level up your Pokemon. However, Pokemon don’t have levels in this game. Instead they have combat power. It was a little hard for Niantic to decide on what rare candies should do in Pokemon GO, but after a while, they figured it out!

Rare candies are now used to give certain Pokemon an extra candy while giving them the rare candy. The only way of obtain this item as of right now is by battling a raid boss and defeating it.

While it isn’t a 100% drop rate and you can get different amounts each time. Rare candies are one reason you should do as many raids as possible.

There just so happens to be an event going on at the moment that allows trainers to receive double candies from catching and hatching Pokemon. Though, rare candies should also be a part of this event. Probably because they are technically a candy and Niantic never specified what candies would be doubled.

More trainers would love to raid and collect rare candies if they knew there was an event to increase the amount of candies the gained after completion.



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