Pokémon GO: Snorlax’s Are Becoming Extinct

.The days where almost every gym contained a Maxed out CP Snorlax, with the sleeping giant slowly becoming redundant.

However, he is not finished yet as there are still a number of them out there although; there are a lot less of them in gyms nowadays.

In the beginning a maxed out Snorlax was crucial to all gym defenders and attackers, at Pokémon GO trainers found Snorlax to be the best defender behind Dragonite.

But now as the game slowly evolves and moves on, so do the players who pick each gym defender.

This trend is not only noticed by me, but by numerous players on the Pokémon GO forum The Silph road, on Reddit.

“Snorlax was pretty important a few months ago, but now it’s becoming used less and less in my meta because the candy required to max it out is very hard to get, and there are other options for nearly the same CP.” Said a player from the U.S.

But why is this? I believe that it is because we don’t get enough candies for each catch and so, it is harder to max out a Snorlax, in comparison to other Pokémon.

For example there are now more gyms flooded with Dragonite and Tyranitar, as you receive a significantly larger amount of Candy per catch, resulting in their increased popularity.

Despite they fact that he isn’t the best attacker, Snorlax is still considered the second greatest gym defender in the game, which means he deserves more recognition.

“My maxed out Snorlax stays in gyms for a lot longer than other Pokemon (Besides Dragonite). Also, not much fun to prestige against. If you have a good IV and good moveset Snorlax and want to be in the gym game, I would suggest to definitely go and max one out.” Said another trainer from Europe on Reddit.

It may be tough to max out a Snorlax however; it’s worth it, especially when you are looking for a strong gym defender. As a result we mustn’t write off Snorlax and change the direction the game is heading.




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