Pokemon GO Teases Anniversary Event!

With Pokemon GO’s anniversary coming up it seems like the company of Niantic have officially started to send hints about a major event for this. It wouldn’t be the first time Niantic has added a Pikachu variant to Pokemon GO to celebrate a special event. In the past, a festive hat Pikachu was added to celebrate the holidays, and a party hat Pikachu was added in recognition of international Pokemon Day.

However we are completely unsure as to how this years anniversary will be recognized or even shown without being datamined which is exactly what happened.

Reddit users have datamined Pokemon GO‘s latest update, which mainly makes some minor bug fixes, and have found a line of code that says ONE_YEAR_ANNIVERSARY. The running theory is that the bug fix update for Pokemon GO is also meant to make room for the game’s anniversary on Thursday, July 6th without having any trouble. Finding this in the source code is clearly a hint that Niantic want us to know something big is going to happen.

Right now, the most likely scenario is that Niantic will add a Pikachu variant to Pokemon GO on the game’s anniversary.  Based on a recent video released in Japan to celebrate the launch of the latest Pokemon film, it appears as if this Pikachu variant will be Ash’s Pikachu from the anime which could easily happen. Tons of trainers all over the world would love to have Ash’s Pikachu similar to the desires of Team Rocket.

Hopefully Niantic will look further than just a Pikachu varient and end up gifting players who’ve been here for awhile a bunch of gifts with rare gifts given to those who’ve registered their account during the first month of release.

Many possible things could come such as a spawn increase or double XP which i’m sure tons of trainers would love to have a double XP event with the new raids feature out. Some trainers would love to have Legendary Pokemon release during this time though that seems highly unlikely with new findings for the legendary bird release.



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