Pokemon GO: The Event Has been Extended!

While many trainers were out enjoying the event Niantic held for Pokemon GO Fest. Rather it was a disaster or not, the event would have been live either way. However, without a reason, Niantic has extended the duration of the event for another 72 hours!

While this was a dream come true for many players. Don’t forget to use some of the event bonuses to level on up or Power your top Pokemon up! The best way to level up during this event can be read here: Pokemon GO: Which Pokemon To Use Pinap Berries On During The Event.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for super rare Pokemon, like Snorlax, Porygon, and Chansey. They have all been spotted several times. More than that of rare Pokemon from type specific events. Though, that probably because there are several “rare” Pokemon that have had their spawns increased rather than just one or two.

Rural players are loving the event because of the large cluster spawns popping up right outside their houses. If you live in a small town that doesn’t produce a lot of spawns during this event. Ironically, your best bet might be to go out in the country and look for spawning spots. They are loaded!



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