Pokemon GO: The Event Is Now Live!

Pikachu’s wearing Ash’s hats are now roaming the streets! Probably the fest festive Pikachu Niantic has made an event for. This is because it’s close to the hearts of just about every Pokemon player. Nothing like seeing a classic hat from one of the most popular anime.

Stock up on these festive Pikachu’s and try to find some high rated IV Pikachu’s during this event to show off in gyms. Also, let’s not forget about the medal that requires you to catch 300 Pikachu’s if you haven’t already completed it.

Should you buy a few of the anniversary boxes? Definitely, even it’s it’s only a few boxes. The reason why is because you get max revives, incubators, and raid passes. The rest is just kind of meh (my opinion).  It isn’t certain what the price of the boxes will be. However, with those items listed about, who could resist passing one up?

Being a rural player, seeing as many raids as there have been. Those raid passes are starting to look pretty nice right about now. Not to mention all those fainted Pokemon that need to be revived, but you don’t have enough potions to fully heal your Pokemon. Now would be a fine time to stock up on those max revives.



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