Pokemon Go : The Real Legendary Raid MVP

Legendary Raid Egg also know as Dark Eggs, due to their shell color are seen in code. Which are officially given name as “ Legendary Raid Egg ” here’s a list of all legendary Pokémon that can hatch from Legendary (Dark) Raid Eggs. These Pokémon are all Level 5 Raid Bosses and it’s still unclear when and where they will be released. We know that they are hatched from Legendary Raid Eggs.

To fight this legendary beast to need to have a heart of rock or may I say you must have Golem.

In Nutshell

-Resists most of Legendary moves
-Rock Throw / Stone Edge Golem deals 2x Super Effective damage to Moltres, Articuno,Ho-Oh and Super Effective damage to Lugia
-Rock Throw / Earthquake Golem deals Super Effective damage to Entei and Raikou

In case you haven’t thought ahead to battling legendaries during raids, use all that candy you farmed during the rock event to build yourself an army of Rock Throw/Stone Edge (or Rock Throw/Rock Blast) Golems.

Moltres: Golem’s moves are double super effective, and Golem resists fire and flying moves.

Zapdos: Golem’s moves are super effective. Golem resists flying moves and has immunity against electric moves.

Articuno: Golem’s moves are double super effective, and Golem has resistance to flying moves. The only downside for using Golem against any of the 3 is Golem’s weakness against ice.

None of the other rock Pokemon can contribute as much as Golem. Rhydon and Tyranitar don’t have a rock type quick move. Tyranitar also doesn’t bring the electric immunity. Omastar brings lower stats, though its water type does help with better defense against fire and ice types (but also a weakness instead of immunity against electric).



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