Pokémon GO: There’s A New Gym Bug In Town

One thing that Pokemon Go seems to be missing is the ability for trainers to see how well they are doing in the world of Pokemon Go. I’m talking about the ability to check local leaderboards and stuff. Leaderboards are traditionally used in MMORPG’s to see who is the real MVP of the game.

If we did have Pokemon Go leaderboards in the game, they would show competitive stats like. The number of Raids won in a week, and the number of Pokemon added as defenders within a duration of a week. Further extending the idea, we could see some sort of extension.

Since gyms are now the new point of interest in the game, it would make sense to have a particular gym specific leaderboards. Featuring a Trainer of the week (defends the gym for the longest duration), and other relevant data to gyms like, a top contributor award for the guy/gal who feeds the most berries in a locality.

Regional, weekly, player-specific leaderboards would be cooler, for things like most distance walked, Pokemon caught, Pokemon defeated etc. Then trainers would actually have a reason trying to get up on one of the lists every week, rather than contributing a single, insignificant drop to the sea of a team leaderboard.

a leaderboard would give good incentive to root for your Pokemon to stay in a gym past the 50 coins limit without flooding the economy with too many coins. It would give a positive sense of accomplishment and competition, instead of hoping for failure to get kicked out. It would also encourage the other teams to kick you out (now many avoid this in an attempt to starve opposition), and the increased turnover which is necessary for this system and seems to be what Niantic is shooting for.

Many members on our team think this will further improve the social aspect of the game, and make the game feel more lively. Which will bring a little competition to the gym. Giving the game a more communal feeling. But we gotta be more careful with this sort of feature in the game.

As Ingress already has something similar to this, and not many Ingress agents really care about that sort of stuff. (At least from what I have heard). Then yet again there is the never ending problem of the cheaters in the game. On the contrary, this could prove as a sneak attack (well not so sneaky now) on cheaters in the game.



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