Pokémon GO: This Game Should Have A Chat System

Niantic has given us a lot in recent months, however we all want more, with one of the things players are asking for it a chat system.

After delving my time in the Pokémon GO forum on Reddit called The Silph Road, I soon discovered how many players want a feature like this.

With so many events, raids and a gym re-work , this could really really help players in the wild.

“It would have been geat with the old gyms. But now with the Raids LVL. 3-4-5 its OBVIOUS ! As a rural player I have no chance to complete a level 4-5 raid. Yesterday i’ve waited for 60 minutes for a Lugia raid. NO ONE SHOWED! I can’t start a Discord or Whatsapp group. I’ve never seen post or other players”.

“I think its the next step for Niantic to increase the social aspect or the game and help rural & casual players,” said one player on The Silph Road.

However, I feel as if it would be annoying to have every player in your area messaging you constantly, so we would have to have a friend system in place.

This system would allow players to chose who they can and can’t talk to and if you wanted to share something to random players, there could be a news board for that.

With everyone’s lives now revolving around social media, it could be a great opportunity for Niantic to make Pokémon GO more social.

At the moment trainers are using other social networks to communicate to one another and if Niantic make their own social system, it would entice them to use Niantic’s instead.



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