Pokemon Go: Tier-3 Raid Boss Counters

With Pokemon Go Raids now open to even more trainers and many people requesting us to do more post covering raids, we are currently still performing research on raids, as of now from battle simulations and general cognition, we have some up with a series of best raid boss counters.

Tier-3 Best Raid Boss Counters

So without any further delay let’s get started with the list now, shall we? Let’s start with the eeveelutions first. Starting off the list with Flareon.

Flareon is a fire type Pokemon, which is a decent attacker, there are many counters to it. But since raids bosses yield more damage the normal gym defending Flareon, it is better to pick Pokemon with a double resistance to fire type. They are Golem, Rhydon, and Omastar. All these Pokemon will take half the damage than other normal Pokemon, due to their double resistances.
Preferred Movesets are Mud Slap, Stone Edge/Earthquake for both Rhydon and Golem and Water Gun, Hydro Pump for Omastar.

Moving on to Vaporeon, to beat it you can either go with electric type Pokemon or strong grass type attackers. Although the latter will be preferable, as grass type Pokemon will only receive half the damage that electric type Pokemon will. Best Counters will be Venusaur or Victreebel with Razor Leaf, Solarbeam. Also, Exeggutor with Bullet seed Solarbeam is also a great choice. As bullet seed charges the power meter faster.

Next in line is Jolteon, against it, you would definitely like to use the same counter as that for Flareon. Golem, Rhydon, and Donphan. All these Pokemon will take half the damage than other normal Pokemon, due to their double resistances.Preferred Movesets are Mud Slap, Stone Edge/Earthquake for both Rhydon and Golem and Tackle, Earthquake for Donphan.

Tier-3 Best Raid Boss Counters

Other raid bosses include Pokemon like Arcanine, Alakazam, Machamp, and Gengar. All these Pokemon are strong Pokemon with really decent attack stats. Well, it is not to be forgotten that Raid Bosses tend to deal more damage than ordinary Pokemon, due to their inflated attack stat.

If you happen to have an Arcanine Raid happening near you, then you better be careful. If you would have taken Pokemon 101 classes in high school, you would be aware that fire is weak to water. Your best bet will be to choose a Pokemon with water type right? Well, not that easy. Arcanine potentially has Wild Charge, which is an electric move as one of its charge moves. One blow and it will kill your Water Pokemon.

Next up on the list of strong raid boss is Alakazam, you would want to to use bug type Pokemon or Dark type Pokemon as they are the best counters. It’s best to choose Tyranitar or Houndoom with dark type moves, like Bite and Crunch. Bite is preferred as a quick move due to its high dps it can charge up the power bar pretty quickly.
Next Pokemon on the list is the overpowered beast Machamp, it is a strong fighting type Pokemon, with a weakness to psychic types and flying type Pokemon. The best counters are Alakazam, Espeon, Charizard, and Dragonite. Any combination of psychic and flying type moves will be enough to beat this might titan.

The last Pokemon on our list is Gengar, the best counters are dark and psychic type Pokemon, with the best Pokemon. Tyranitar would be a good counter as it’s ground type will resist Gengar’s Poison-type moves, unless the defending raid boss has focus blast then it is a no-brainer, it’s gonna kick the shit outta your Tyranitar.

We will be updating this list as soon as we get more information, and perform even better simulations on our simulation tool. Until then stay tuned guys.



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