Pokemon Go: Top 5 Raid Boss Replacements

Gym Rework, specifically the Raid Mechanics are the single most important update to Pokemon Go that has successfully revitalized the game to its former glory. It gives the trainers the one thing that they all have been waiting for a long time the ability to catch really strong Pokemon even in areas with limited Pokemon Go penetration.

In one of our previous posts, we were discussing how changing raid bosses in the game will effect the game, and make the game feel Fresh and Alive for longer amounts of time. Many gurus are already speculating that there will be random re-rolling of all the raid bosses in the game in imminent and will occur in a couple of weeks, probably before the Pokemon Go Fest. Currently, there are 20 Pokemon who operate as Raid bosses in the game.

Although in the game’s master file there is written code that suggests that any Pokemon that is currently a part of the Pokedex, is eligible to a Raid Boss Pokemon. This is one good news for all the trainers, as this is one way Niantic could give trainers regional exclusive Pokemon. Something that fans have been asking for quite some time now. We will discuss this subject in a later post. For now, let’s get down to the list now, shall we?

Top 5 Raid Boss Replacements

1. Dragonite

Starting off this list is arguably one of the strongest Pokemon in the game, as of now. It has remained a fan favorite since day-1. It would be really damn awesome if all the trainers get to have a chance to fight a huge Dragonite even though they do not live in the proper Biome.

Another Argument that we have is that if you go through the Pokemon Go’s website Dragonite is used in promotional material for Raids and also to explain all the stuff there is about Raids. Many of the game’s gurus consider Dragonite To be Gen-1’s Tanky beast like Tyranitar will be a hard to beat Raid boss.


 Yeah, this dreaded Pokemon is actually also used in the promotional material for Raids, thus earning a spot on this list. Also, this is one hell of a Pokemon to beat and could honestly replace Rhydon as a Raid Boss, which is a lot more easier to beat. But there is some amount of consideration to be made, many novices to advanced trainers struggled to beat Blissey as a gym defender, due to its sheer high HP value. Having it as one of the possible Raid bosses will make raids challenging and engaging.
3. Ninetales

Although Ninetales doesn’t have good enough moves to make it to this list, at least it is one of the proper fire type attackers with a good CP efficiency, not that it is relevant anymore. It still is a decent fire type attacks and lies within a good max CP range to maximize coin mining, so this is a welcome change to the game. Also for all the noobs out there, it is a little trickier to beat, thereby making raids more interesting.


Ok, just a quick recap, when raids rolled out a while ago, I was so damn excited for it, I took an Uber ride to the busiest gym in my locality, on a very hot day, was surprised to find a Pokemon Raid counter was almost ending. Then the Egg hatched, and that damn Magi-crap was the Raid boss.

At that point of time, I was like Luke’s NOOOO!! Come on Niantic give us a damn Gyarados already, you guys are trolling. It’s still one of the decent water type attackers with a mixture of Flying and Water type that is an interesting pair. Not to forget Gyarados looks cool too. So bonus points for that as well.


Ok, so the last Pokemon on our list is Ampharos which is a pretty rare Electric Pokemon in itself. And shockingly powerful one too. I really want Ampharos to be a raid boss, as it is a really good strong Pokemon to have in the game, and it’s spawn patterns are very much unpredictable.



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