Pokemon GO Update Will Vanquish Halloween 2017

The Pokemon Go Halloween 2017 event is now live but it won’t be the biggest news updated dropped by Niantic this year.With a bunch of new Candy bonuses available during the event, as well as new Pokemon to catch, Trainers will be pretty busy for the rest of the ending year.

But what does Niantic have planned for the future?Well, it just so happens that Pokemon Go Parent company Niantic’s CEO John Hanke has confirmed that the company what to keep the game going for 20-years!!

Twenty year is a long time and with repeated events with the same generation of Pokemon seems the hardest job.According to Niantic, The next step will be the big Generation 3 list launch in December, which sounds like it will be a rolling update.

This will probably take over from some of the Legendary Raid currently being switched around by Niantic, but there are even bigger plans than just launching the new generation of Pokemon. As Pokemon Go was launched as a biggest AR experiment which has since been bypassed by other features.

Hanke recently discussed this feature of the game, adding that he thought the AR part of Pokemon Go wasn’t that sophisticated, and only accounted for around t’s 5% of the experience.So what’s the next step?

It appears the next major Pokemon Go update news will surround the launch of new AR headsets. YOU HEARD IT RIGHT!

This seems to be something are betting on pretty hard, with Hanke confirming that they were ready to start supporting devices like it, albeit in a more basic form than currently offered.

One that stands out is Magic Leap’s upcoming mixed reality headset, with Hanke revealing during Wall Street Journal’s WSJ.D Live conference: “There could be an opportunity for us to build an app for that device.”

Apple’s ARKit is another stepping stone that could see one of the game’s main features grow in greater functionality.At WWDC Apple showed off a number of ARKit demos. One demo showed a table being mapped and then a teacup placed on it.

The big show-stopper was when Wingnut AR, a new company helmed by Lord of The Rings director Peter Jackson, took to the stage.They showcased a dazzling demo for an AR game. In it, a person using an iPad walked around a table placed on the stage at WWDC.

On their screen, they were able to see a huge battle taking place in a futuristic town that had a Wild West-style feel.Spaceships appeared and attacked the town, at one point crashing into a building.All this was viewed through the iPad screen, with the real-life view from WWDC, including the massive audience, seen in the background.

The new generation of Pokemon are available to catch and Double Candies to collect, Niantic also released a range of new boxes in their game store. As these boxes cost you PokeCoins which is hard to earn, you should spend them wisely.

Here’s an Assignment report of all the Special Boxes:-

The Special box: This box is targeted at Raiders and farmers, offering six Raid Passes for 480 Coins. Six Raid Passes cost 600 Coins, which means you’re paying less to Raid while getting some Incense and Pinap Berries along the way. A clear winner for Raiders, but unfortunately, you do not get any Super Incubators in it.

The Great box: It’s a semi-social player’s dream come true. You get a hefty amount of Incense and Super Incubators for your solo play, while still getting a few discounted Raid Passes. We’ve also noticed that the Halloween Great Box is 200 coins cheaper than the Equinox Event Great Box.

The Ultra Box: Targeted at hardcore players. Although expensive, you are still paying 50% less than purchasing these items individually, which in our eyes makes it worth it. You are getting a mix of all the items you would eventually buy in the in-game store anyway.



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