Pokémon GO: Weird Berry Bug Appearing When Feeding A Pokémon

Bugs and glitches are expected just as much as they are common in many games, especially mobile gaming. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that we have found a new bug irritating players.

With Niantic introducing new raids and gyms in recent weeks, Pokémon GO fans have been however the moon however, they all knew there would be some problems somewhere.

Recently a number of players on the Pokémon GO forum The Silph Road on Reddit, have made their troubles known with a new glitch.

This “berry” bug occurs when a trainer tries to feed a Pokémon either during a battle or whilst attempting to catch it.

But what is this “Berry” bug? Well what’s happening is that whilst you a attempt to feed a Pokémon, the Pokémon will refuse to eat the berry and then will force you to leave the gym.

Once you are outside a giant berry will appear above you whilst walking around in your virtual world and you can’t get rid of it, (Yes you can spam berry’s at nothing) with you being unable to play the game properly and a loss of berries.

“I was feeding a Tyranitar, and he wouldn’t let me go! When I tried to leave the gym, the berry feeding interface reappeared. Tapping the berry returned me to the Tyranitar. Nothing else worked, short of an app restart,” said a trainer on The Silph Road.

“I had this too on day 1, I had no idea how feeding berries even worked at that point but I guess it was waiting for me to feed the berry but it couldn’t feed it as the mon was full. So it stays there waiting” said another player.

However, we do have a way of sort of fixing the problem, which is a complete app reset. Sadly that is the only way that player are able to continue playing the game, well without a giant berry in your face that is.

Have you seen this “Berry” bug? If so then please let us know how you fixed it in the comments below so that you can help out other struggling trainers.



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