Pokemon GO: What are Legendary Pokemon’s Weakness?

Despite all the technical issues that made a hot mess at the GO Fest event last Saturday, we have somehow managed to get the Legendary Pokémon to appear worldwide. Fan all around the world are freaking out about this, and literally, Pokemon trainers are all across the streets and taking down legendary raids.

Lugia was the first revealed Pokémon GO Legendary Pokemon, along with Articuno being the second, as Team Mystic has contributed the most to the GO Fest event. These raids are now available worldwide. This post is going to help you make a better decision at having a better chance at beating a legendary Pokemon.

It’s a no brainer Lugia is one hell of raid boss it can’t be beaten by one person alone. Before joining raid make sure you are using Pokémon with proper move-sets. It takes Super Effective damage from Electric, Dark, Ice, Ghost and Rock type moves, due to its dual combination of Psychic and Flying types.

In addition, all Steel and Psychic type Pokemon take reduced damage from Psychic type moves. Also, Steel, Rock, and Electric types take reduced damage from it’s flying type moves. This could be used a general guide for choosing your best counters.

We have already seen that there are only have 6 possible combinations of moves for Lugia, with Dragon Tail and Extrasensory as fast moves and Future Sight Hydro Pump Sky Attack. Seeing with DPS the ideal moves for Lugia are Dragon Tail and Future Sight.

Articuno is one of the other Legendary Raid Bosses currently out in Pokemon GO. It is also not solo-able. From what we see we need at least 15 trainers to take it down. Articuno is an Ice and Flying type and it’s got a number of solid counters. The Raid Boss CP is 37603 and it can have Max Capture CP of 1676.

Articuno takes Double Super Effective damage from Rock and Super Effective damage from Fire, Steel and Electric type move due to its dual Ice and Flying types. The best Pokemon to fight Articuno is Omastar with Rock Throw and Rock Slide moves. Don’t use Golem as it might be beaten pretty easily.

In addition, other Steel, Ice, Water and Fire type Pokemon are interesting choices as they take reduced damage from Ice type Pokemon. We really hope that you can use this guide you make a good choice, take down legendary Pokemon, as long as you have a chance. It is not yet clear of legendary Pokemon are here to stay or will they be gone after a while.



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