Pokemon GO: What Happens When Ditto Battles Moltres

Ever wondered what happens when you battle a Raid Boss Pokemon with a Ditto. Now imagine what will happen when you fight a Raid Legendary Raid Boss like Lugia or Moltres with a Ditto?

Just for fun, a few casual trainers fought a Moltres Raid with a group of Ditto and to their surprise, they were shocked by the results. That ditto gave them. There are actually mixed results to this.

I know this might sound confusing but let me explain. Ditto is a Pokemon that takes the shape of the opposing Pokemon when it battles and also copies the opposing Pokemon’s moves and abilities (if any).

For a while, Ditto was not added into Pokemon Go as there are several complications with Ditto’s “Transform” move mechanics that copies the opposite Pokemon, including things like Stats and moves.

When it comes to Raid Bosses in general, is was observed when you fight a Raid Boss with a Ditto. It Transforms into the Pokemon that the Ditto’s trainers caught at, and not a Raid Boss Pokemon.

The First ever such documented case was seen against a Gengar, where a Ditto was used to counter a Gengar (which is not a bad call at all) to the trainers surprise that Ditto transformed into a Pidgey instead of a Gengar.Now, this was uncalled for.

Now, something similar has been reported for Legendary Raids as well, in Raid Battles if there are more than 1 trainers using a Ditto, there will be a mismatch. This will cause an internal error and transform the second ditto into whatever Pokemon that it was at when it is originally caught. Not sure if this is an intentional or a sort of a bug that went unnoticed by Niantic officials.



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