Pokemon GO: Where To Find Girafarig

Having a hard time collecting all the new catchable Pokemon? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one Niantic left in the dust. Rural players may have a hard time catching new Pokemon in generation, however, Girafarig seems to be something like the new Chansey or Lapras. So where can you catch Girafarig?

Well, so far research shows this oddly designed Pokemon can be found in gardens and or parks. This doesn’t mean go to your local park and you can catch dozens of them. Basically, parks and gardens have a higher chance of spawning Girafarig.

Unlike several other Pokemon, this one doesn’t seem to have a set Biome. Parks really aren’t considered a biome, though, it looks like they may be for this Pokemon. The reason Girafarig could be as rare as it is could be from the spawns in the games.

During generation two, Girafarig was only found on route 46 of Gold and Silver. In the third generation games, however, this Pokemon was only found in safari zones. This could also explain the reason Girafarig spawns in parks as the slightly resemble a safari zone.

Have you hatched a Girafarig yet? No? Well, they can be hatched from 5km eggs. However, the hatch rate of this Pokemon is fairly low. Little fun fact. Did you know that Girafarig, is Girafarig spelled backward?



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