Pokémon GO – Which team is the best and who should you join?

Based on previous polls, some of the most voted for teams were Team Instinct and Team Mystic, with Team Valor coming in last place. This seemed a bit weird so we switch around our polls and kept getting the same results, though this was months ago and is based purely on what team you’ve selected.

If you’re just starting out, picking a team could be just as hard as picking your starter. Which team is the best is literally opinionated, though once legendary raids are released, depending on if they’ve got anything to do with your team, we’ll know for a fact which team is the better team to be on. For now we rely on what team benefits you as a player, as of now Team Mystic seems to be the most populated, followed by Team Valor and then a large group of loyal Team Instinct players.

Eventually you will be allowed to switch your team, though for now you have one choice, and once you make that choice you’re stuck with it. When the game first released, Team Valor were like Darth Vader and Team Mystic were like Luke Skywalker, with Team Instinct being Jar Jar Binks. Whether a team benefits you or not is really depending on where you live as some areas are conquered by Team Valor with others conquered by Team Mystic and Team Valor.

Tl;dr: Look around your city for gyms and just join the team that has the largest amount of gyms conquered around you, or you can fight against them and join the opposite team.



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