Pokemon Go: Wild Professor Willow Appeared

Pokemon Go is now well know for its amazing glitches in game. The most recent glitch is on a new species of legendary appearing.Pokemon GO introduced legendary pokemon during Chicago Fest which was absolute failure in every sense.

An old glitch made Sparky Team leader of Instinct was replaced by Candela. In sense like whenever a Team Instinct Player used to appraise their Pokemon, Candela leader of Team Valor pops up appraising pokemon.

Where there Sparky glitch is still unfixed redditors found a new glitch when he was appraising his Larvitar. Prof.Willow Appeared to appraise and game became all glitchy.

Redditors made fun of this glitch by saying ” Larvitar possessed the candy making machine and is making Prof.Willow into candy”. While having this glitches and bugs Pokemon go had real hard time during Chicago fest.



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