Pokemon GO: Will Legendary Pokemon Show Up Again?

Recently, Niantic has confirmed that legendary Pokemon will be rotating out, while new ones replace them. However, it isn’t certain rather or not legendary Pokemon will show their faces in the game more than once. In the original games, depending on the game’s storyline depended on rather or not the legendary Pokemon will have more than one event.

For some of these exclusive Pokemon, you might only get one shot at catching them. In means of trading, this would be really good and give some trainers leverage on getting their hands on any Pokemon they want. However, if legendary Pokemon only appear once, could make it extremely hard on obtaining a legendary Pokemon.

Chances are very high that legendary Pokemon will rotate out more than once. Especially during this time, Pokemon GO’s anniversary. Other legendary Pokemon, however, might be parts of different events and will be hard to determine when they will be released.

Ho-oh, Mew, Mewtwo, The legendary dogs, and Celebi are still waiting to be released. Niantic has yet to mention anything about these Pokemon. Though, they might make their appearances soon after the rest of the Legendary birds are released.

If you miss out on any legendaries this time. Don’t worry too much because odds are Niantic won’t make them near impossible to get after their events are over. In the mean time, don’t forget to catch as many Lugia’s and Articuno’s while you still can!



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