Pokemon GO: You Get More Coins From Gyms Now?!?

Gyms were closed down a few days ago and many were worried about how they would collect their coins afterward. Now that the gyms are opened back up. There is more information about how coins are gathered now. Making many trainers happy.

Instead of collecting 10 coins from holding gyms down. You actually get coins opposite of how you use to. Though, defending is still a major part of collecting coins. You will only get coins after your Pokemon has returned to you.

As of right now, you can get a coin for every hour you have a Pokemon in a gym. The longer you can hold a gym down, the more coins you will be rewarded. With the update still being new. It’s hard to say rather or not there will be a cap for how many hours you will be rewarded for.

The more gyms you own, the more coins you will be rewarded after all your Pokemon have been returned. It also appears there won’t be a limit to how many gyms you can have. This is because of the new motivation method Niantic introduced. This means you can have several gyms at once. Hopefully, letting time tick by as no one can defeat your Pokemon.



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