Pokemon Go:New Assets Added with 0.69 update, and it is Legendary!

Well well, look like we are in for a treat this weekend. With Go Fest merely days away and a ton more events planned throughout the globe, it looks like the game is having to have a major spike in user activity once again.

We hope that we will not see another Blue Screen of Death scene, once again. Pokemon Go Hub’s dedicated team has finished their update Asset checking and it looks like Archit Bhargava was right. This summer is indeed going to be legendary!!

Finally, after almost a year of waiting, trainers can get their hands on the first ever legendary Pokemon in the game. Giving seasoned trainers with lv 40 accounts and filled up Pokedexes a new purpose in the game.

There seem to be many more new discoveries that the dev team is looking into, that’s probably why the APK mine is taking a lot of time now. Totally there have been more than a 100 changes assets in the game, you can check them out here.

Among the new assets added, there are better well-designed gym leader badges, and Pokemon evolution badge too. Which is seriously dope. Now let’s move on to the major changes now, shall we?

Currently, in the game, we get Rhydon heads to indicate the difficulty of the raid boss. Ranging from 1 to 4. From this point on this is going to be replaced with a new Lugia’s head as the difficulty indicator placeholder.

We also get a few Go Fest Themed medals added into the game. As shown below there is a new Gold medal with four stars and showcasing the Chicago Skyline, which would really good on trainer’s medal collection. To get this one, you will have to spin the special gym disc at one the new gyms at Grant Park during the during the duration of the event. Too bad not everyone will be getting this new Chicago medal.

Let’s get to one of the shocking new additions. As previously suspected. There is a new asset added into the game, which is tagged as item # 1403, which is a Legendary Raid Pass.

It is still unknown what it takes to get a Legendary Raid Pass, so might take some time to figure out, we might get a little bit more information on this in the complete APK breakdown.

Also as previously seen we did get a new remote berry feeding feature added into the game, with a slightly reduced boost in the amount of motivation you Pokemon gain.

This is really Exciting time for the entire Pokemon GO community as a whole, so stay tuned for more information.




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