Pokemon: How It All Begun

How did Pokemon come about? Pokemon is one of the top franchises in the world, and it all started from the love of a hobby. Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri got the idea of Pokemon when he saw two strangers playing on the popular Gameboy and using a linking cable.

As a child, Tajiri loved catching insects and tadpoles, a love for collecting. Later on him and Ken Sugimori created the well known iconic company behind Pokemon Game Freak where they both started coming up with designs.

When Tajiri discovered the Gameboy and Gameboy linking cable. The dream of Pokemon was born, though, not complete. At that time, the game wasn’t known as Pokemon though. It was well known as Capsule Monsters.

Capsule Monsters and the idea of Pokemon was influenced by the fantasy show Ultraman, where giant monsters were contained in capsules, which was where the name Capsule Monsters came from.

Several failed attempts to get Published by Nintendo, luckily, Tajiri never gave up. Though, Tajiri became friends with Shigeru who later on pitched the idea yet again to Nintendo, where they finally started to fund the game.

Due to copyright issues. Capsule Monsters was no longer the name of the Game, which is where Pock Monsters (Pokemon) came in. Though Nintendo funded the game. Pokemon had a rough start, almost making Game Freak file bankruptcy. Because of this, five of the employees has quit working on the project, leaving Tajiri to work many unpaid hours.

Because of determination and the love for collecting insects. We now have our whole childhoods sharing the same enjoyment Tajiri had as a kid.



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