Pokemon Spawns, Unobtainable Pokemon, Unown and 20 Rarest Pokemon

Let’s talk about Pokemon Species that doesn’t spawn in the wild and unobtainable Pokemon!

From the 4.2M Pokemon Spawn database, we can confirm that the following Pokemon do not spawn in the wild!

  • Baby Pokemon
  • Pokemon that requires evolution items

Pokemon that can’t be obtained in anyway.

  • Unreleased Pokemon: Delibird and Smeargle
  • Legendary Pokemon

Finding Unown is like finding a needle in a haystack!

Out of 6 million recorded Pokémon spawns, Unown was only spotted once. Comparison to that  Tyranitar spawned 3 times and Miltank 17 times.

”  With 26 different forms of Unown (assuming ? and ! aren’t released until Gen3), it would clearly take more than 26 wild encounters and catches to complete the Unown medal, because you’ll inevitably get duplicates. But how many?

So I just did some math…

Assuming 26 forms of Unown (A to Z), with equal likelihood of spawning, it will take on average 100 CATCHES to get all 26 forms in the wild!

By the numbers: Average # of catches = 26/26 + 26/25 + 26/24 + … = 100.2 (26/26 to catch your first Unown, then 26/25 for the average time it’ll take to catch your second new form of Unown, then 26/24 for the average time to catch your third form after you’ve caught two unique forms, and so on. These can be added due to the additivity of expectations.

Some other stats:

  • You might feel like you’re halfway there once you’ve caught 13 out of 26 Unown forms. But you’d be grossly mistaken. The likelihood of duplicates increases exponentially as you catch more, such that by the time you have 13 different letters, you’d only be about 17% of the way there!
  • The true halfway point is once you’ve caught 23 unique Unowns! The last three will likely take you just as long to find as the first 23.

Better hope that trading comes out soon! Otherwise, one Unown a week means you’re just shy of two years away from catching them all. Oh right, and by then we’ll have ? and ! to catch. Happy hunting?! ”

Here are Top 20 Rarest Pokemon!

247 Pupitar 24
28 Sandslash 20
135 Jolteon 19
154 Meganium 19
160 Feraligatr 19
89 Muk 17
241 Miltank 17
139 Omastar 16
82 Magneton 12
6 Charizard 10
136 Flareon 8
141 Kabutops 8
26 Raichu 7
68 Machamp 6
157 Typhlosion 6
181 Ampharos 5
242 Blissey 5
101 Electrode 4
248 Tyranitar 2
201 Unown 1



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