PokemonGO: Get Ready, This is when Ho-Oh Is Probably Coming

After Go Fest received a mixed impression from a lot of trainers who have attended the Go Fest. We want to share our perspective on the release of Ho-Oh. We’ve collected a number of hints on the subject. This post is speculative in nature, but it’s an educated guess.

We believe that the release of Ho-Oh will do done in conjunction with the Pokemon 20 I Choose you movie that features Ho-Oh pretty extensively. Or best guess is that the fiery legendary Pokemon will be released at the Japanese Pokemon Stadium event (Monday, August 14, 2017). This event is a part of the huge Pikachu Outbreak event in Yokohama.

A Few of the hints that we believe, has helped us at arriving at this conclusion are.

On the 12th of July Niantic publishes an announcement that includes Pokemon GO events around the world. Highlighting three major events this summer: GO Fest (Now we are done with this), European Safari Zone Events (Moltres and Zapdos expected) and the Pikachu Outbreak.

About 3 days later the Pokémon GO Stadium website goes live. The “How to Enter guide” requires Stadium participants to have Level 5+ Pokemon GO accounts. (that’s the minimum required level to participate in raid) hinting that raids will be the core feature.

The official event page says the following: “The event is scheduled to run about once every 15 minutes, with tickets valid for one program only”, indicating several Raid encounters.

After a couple of days of silence, Niantic launched the trailer for legendary Pokemon, and the entire Pokemon Go community exploded at once, with tons of new Reddit sub threads opening up on the internet.

Later when the GAME_MASTER file was discovered to have been changed there were three new additions made to the game master file that was indicative that Ho-Oh will not be making an appearance at Go Fest. These changes were the Legendary Pokemon sprites for all the Pokemon that were said to be making an appearance at Go Fest but failed.



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