PokemonGo: Go Fest Setup and New Pokestops

Pokemon GO Fest Hype has never been stronger guys. With less than 5 days left for this amazing fest. It looks like things are all looking good for the Pokemon Go Fest. Things are all seemingly going on as planned for Go Fest.

A few members from the Pokemon Go community started saying that they have started seeing arrangements being made at Grant Park, Chicago. According to the information that our lead have us. The assembly team showed below is building one of the 3 team lounges for the event.

According to the official information, and a few leaks, we are supposed to get 3 team lounges at three corners of the park. These team lounges will be accompanied with a huge screen and little seating arrangement.

The Fourth corner of the park was announced to be a “Mega-Gym” with a huge cylindrical shaped display unit, just like the one showed off in the official Pokemon GO launch trailer.
that is still yet to be constructed as of now.

From what information, there are supposed to be a ton of Pokestops in Grant Park added just in time for the event. Looks like that’s not the case of now. Probably on the day, the event starts we will get the new Pokestops. It’s really odd to see no new Pokestops being added yet.

It is widely accepted that both Ingress and Pokemon GO’s databases sync with each other once a week that is generally on a Tuesday, since this week we already had a Tuesday. It’s odd that we didn’t get new Pokestops in Grant Park.

Well anyways there has been new information from operation portal recon from that even Lv 12+ agents are now eligible for operation portal recon reviews. Niantic executives estimate that at this rate, all the OPR backlog will be cleared up within the coming weeks.

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