PokemonGO: Lugia and Ho-Oh getting Signature Moves?

Ok, guys, this one is huge just a while ago Niantic dropped their live action trailer with awesome VFX and a really cool battle scene, you should check it out. This was done as a part of their celebration of their Pokemon GO Anniversary that’s currently going on right now.

Although the battle sequences are pretty quick, I just could not help but see Lugia and Ho-Oh using their signature moves Aeroblast and Sacred Fire. Traditionally most of the moves in Pokemon GO are based off on the moves from the original games.

In the many iterations of the Gen-2 games Ho-oh never actually learns any weak attacks like Ember, Fire Spin, and wing attack. One of the Strongest moves that Ho-Oh learns are Extrasensory, Sacred Fire and Fire Blast. These moves are pretty strong ones and can deal pretty high damage in battles. This might make Ho-Oh the best Fire Type Pokemon in the game’s new meta.

But then thinking about it, there are are other moves that Ho-Oh might learn like Flame Charge and Sky attack. In one of the iterations of the game, even Entei was also found to have the same move, this might have some interesting implications for the game, whether or not we will be getting any of this new exclusive moves or not.

Moving on to Lugia, this Pokemon is absolutely a beast of a Pokemon with a unique combination of dope types like Hydro Pump, Physic among many others. Perhaps the most awesome move that Lugia has is Aeroblast.

Unlike Ho-Oh only Lugia has the rights to Aeroblast, making it one of the best Pokemon for trainers to catch first. In the trailer they showed off Lugia using the raw power of this awesome move, hurting all the Pokemon down the street and beating the crap out of them.

For a brief movement, there is Ho-Oh with a Blueish Fire attack showed off. To add cement to our claims that we will be getting these OP moves. There are code pieces of evidence to signature moves present in the game’s client.

To implement these changes there will be a need to update the GAME_MASTER file, adding in rest of the 3D assets into the game. As of now, there are no reports on that, but sure we will be getting those badass moves. Thinking about signature moves, let’s see what other moves we have Mewtwo’s got Psystrike. Mew’s got Genesis Supernova and Transform. Moltres learns Sky Attack, which was later modified.

Got something to add to this story? Let us know in the comments section, let’s get a discussion going on here! Anyways guys, have fun out there catching Pokemon and never pogo and drive.



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