PokemonGo: New Updated Egg Pool

After the anniversary event has gotten mixed responses there have been people who are liking the event and there are people who have been hating the event. Nevertheless, we got a sneaky surprise from Niantic that is not much of a big deal but worth mentioning though.

The Egg-Pool for Pokemon Go has changed yet again, I don’t really understand, why they chose to do so but, anyways these are some welcome changes. There seem to be Pokemon which have been removed from the 5K group. More research is needed. As of now from all of our research, there is no such evidence.

In this post will be covering all the Pokemon that have been seen a change in their egg group. There are actually quite a bunch of them. First, let us cover the new additions made to the egg pool.

First and foremost the most exciting change made was, Gen-2 starters are now added into the 5KM egg pool. Starting July 8th Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. Added into the 5KM Egg pool, which is a good sign. Previously they were unavailable and the only way to catch them was in the wild. Also, new additions to the egg pool are Maril and Swinub.

These egg pool changes also include new additions to the 5KM, which might me a little questionable. Relatively common Pokemon like Natu, Wooper, Hoppip, Snubbull, Teddiursa are added into the egg pool, which I didn’t really understand why they did so.

But all things are not bad with these changes, there are migrations of some Pokemon like Pineco, Gligar, and Mantine, which were previously belonging to 10KM egg pool.

Moving on to the changes made to 10KM Pokemon, Porygon which is still considered relatively rare Pokemon has migrated from 5KM to 10KM. Also, many of fans are frustrated that Chinchou was added into the 10KM egg pool. Chinchou’s evolution Lanturn is a pretty good Pokemon and a really cool defender. Not that it matters now, thanks to the gym rework.

In the 2Km Egg Pool department, there are two new changes. Thanks to the anniversary event, from 8th to 24th of July Pichus hatching from 2KM eggs will now hatch with a cute little Ash’s hat. Aww, that little rodent looks so damn cute <3. And another welcome change is that Spinarak has now moved from 5 KM to 2 KM egg pool.



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