PokemonGO: The Essential Moltres Raid Guide

It’s July 31 today, and soon all the Articuno raids will be down, and the fiery legendary bird Moltres will be taking its place. Towering high over Raid battles, waiting for you to beat it. From most of what we know, beating legendary Pokemon is not that much of a big deal if you have a decent raiding party at hand.

But if you are one of those people who do not have a raiding party, then this post as for you. We will be discussing how to beat Mmoltres in the most effective way possible. Unlike Articuno and Lugia, Moltres stats are similar to many other Fire Pokemon types, with high ATK Stat, and ok-ish DEF stats. This is a problem with the Pokemon Go game, fire type Pokemon are terribly valued in the game’s formula.

This specific combination of Stats, Moltres capable of dealing high damage then but at the same time reduces its ability to defend at Raid Battles. Making it a little tricky to take down. Simulations showed that Moltres is expected to deal 25%-30% more damage (on average) when compared to Articuno. On the flip side, it also goes down 35% faster than Articuno, due to lower DEF and more wide range of counters.

Moltres is Weak to Water and Electric Pokemon. Fortunately, Rock Type Pokemon like Golem and Tyranitar will be superior to others due to their type advantages.

Unlike Lugia, Moltres doesn’t have a redeeming move that it can use to counter its own foes. Lugia with Hydro Pump is one of the scariest things we’ve seen to date in the game. Luckily, Moltres has only Fire type moves, which makes picking counters pretty easy/

The best Moltres counters include the following Pokemon:

Golem with Rock moves
Tyranitar with Stone Edge and preferably Bite. (tbh, anything will do good)
Omastar with any Rock or Water moves
Kabutops with Stone Edge
Vaporeon, Gyarados, and most other water types
Lanturn, Jolteon etc…

Many Trainers tend to forget the fact that, several of these counters can be KO’ed by its charged moves, due to its high Attack and access to incredibly punishing Charged moves like Overheat and Fire Blast.



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