PokemonGo: This is why you need to collect Rare Candies

So ever since the gym rework was announced the entire Pokemon Go community has been going bonkers, having discussions on what is best raid strategy, what is the new best defenders and all such sort of things.

But what many people seem to have forgotten is the fact that. There is one new item that has got amazing properties. Rare Candy in Pokemon GO can be transformed into a single candy for any Pokemon you like. For example, if you are one candy away from evolving into a Tyranitar, you can use a rare candy as a Larvitar candy. They are useful if you are short of candies for particular Pokemon.

That’s good, but why save Rare Candies?

Well, this needs some explaining to do, there are many use case scenarios that can be made Rare candies awesome. Consider this, whatever time it is you will get Legendary Pokemon by the end of this, summer. (Please note that summer officially ends in September)


Whenever that happens you can expect this legendary Pokemon to be extremely rare. Just like the original you only get one shot, at catching that Pokemon so makes sure you use a Golden Razz Berry and an Ultra Ball. The exact CP mechanics of legendary Pokemon is not known at the moment but lemme tell you they are going to be high.

In Case you want to use Legendary Pokemon for taking down Raid bosses, it would be advantageous to slightly power up your legendary Pokemon to take them one step further. And think about it, the maximum amount of candy that you will have might see something like 10 or 15. So one of the best uses is to invest all your Rare Candies on Legendary Pokemon.

That’s just an ideal case scenario, there are also other strong Pokemon that are comparatively rare in the certain area, like in Desert Biomes, Pokemon like Dratini and Dragonite are rare, and you can’t power them ask much as you desire.

Some other important Pokemon that you would like to invest your rare candies on are, all the
5K Buddies like Machamp, which is really good Pokemon thanks to the updated gym rework system, Machamp is now an actual Champ.

Another use case scenario is that Rare Candies could be pretty darn useful when you want to evolve certain species of Pokemon. Especially the ones that are rare like a Mareep, Larvitar and you don’t find many candies.

Since this is summer time, many of you readers might go going to tropical destinations or even better places with Regional Pokemon. You catch of ton of Heracross which arguably is a one of the best fighting type Pokemon and my favorite bug type Pokemon. If you need to power it up, then you can use your Rare Candies to bump up its CP.



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