Preparing for the legendary may not be useful as we think! + Info on Legendary Raids!

There’s a lot of hype over the Legendary raid battles that are supposed to come to the game and the hype is amazing as the game used to have large crowds of trainers awaiting rare Pokemon around the corner. Now the games crowds have died down, legendary raids are expected to bring those crowds back.

One of the main things trainers are preparing for in these raids is the difficulty, which isn’t increased depending on how many players are in the raid. Another preparation is their legendary raid battle teams, which most trainers are confused as to whether or not they should have a balanced team or a full team of Golem with once fast rock move.

Now preparing for this may not be as important as you think, as Niantic usually keep the game at a fair level for all players to compete evenly. Another reason would be the gaming turning into a more co-op like game, which would mean preparing would be wasted if you don’t have a good team to help you during the raid battles.

Not preparing at all would probably be the worse thing, so I would just work on finding the perfect team for the time being, while also enjoying your time and not worrying about your team being perfect for the raids for now.

The badge comes in three levels: bronze, silver and gold. The exact numbers are not yet known, but we expect them to be rather low (1 for Bronze, 5 for Silver, 10 for Gold). The badge is for Battles Won and not for Legendary Pokemon captured. It’s likely that you will have to battle a Legendary Pokémon several times before capturing it successfully.

In order to participate in Legendary Raid Battles, a Pokémon GO trainer must obtain a Legendary Raid Pass. These special Raid Passes are awarded to high-level players who have already participated in hundreds of Raid Battles.

Niantic has confirmed that these Passes will be given only to “those who were very active in the gym system to give them a chance at catching legendary Pokemon at a later date.” Before a Legendary Raid begins, a special Legendary Egg will appear on the map and nearby trainers will receive a Legendary notification.



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