Read This Article Before Buying A New Smartphone

Hey guys. Playing Pokémon is taxing. Both for you and for your smartphone. All of us suffer from phones getting really heated after playing the game. The problem is not the battery getting drained quickly, but it is the heating.

The heat is what negatively impacts the phone’s long term battery health. Anything you can do to keep your phone cool while playing is worth it if you’re worried about your battery’s long term health. The heating up eventually takes its toll on the phone’s battery life. If you are investing in those expensive smartphones, it’s really a legitimate concern how you should play the game in order to minimise the heating of your battery.

Many of us can’t really afford changing smartphones every now and then, we need something solid that would last for quite some time. But, if you’re playing Pokémon Go, your phone’s battery is definitely gonna end up hating you. So, I have some tips that would help you to limit the damage.

Turn off in-game music and sound effects. Next, play with the screen brightness at the lowest possible settings that is comfortable for you. Avoid playing in direct sunlight and also avoid playing while you’re charging your phone. Wi-fi also helps heating the phone. So, these are a few tips that can help if you want to play the game for long periods of time on your newly bought smartphone. It might not be much but, it will definitely help limiting the damage.



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