Snorlax now catchable in wild, Tauros seen outside territory

If you are a Pokémon player, you would remember Snorlax as the big dude that prevented you from entering a certain city in the Pokémon Fire Red version. In that game, that dude is kind of hard to find and the only way to get him early is by catching him when you awakened him using a flute. Of course, Pokémon Go is no exception. The only difference is that, since there is no Pokémon flute in the real world at the moment, you can only obtain the big dude by egg hatching Munchlax.

But with the arrival of New Year comes good news and surprises. Snorlax will be removed from the egg hatching list because its pre-evolution will come to the game soon. And not only that, Snorlax himself has started appearing in various regions.  According to Mobile & Apps, Snorlax has been sighted frequently in the residential areas. Some people noticed that Snorlax likes to appear during the night and has been spotted in the coastal areas, rural spots and even in the areas with so many people.

As per HyperPoké, It is rumored that the Spawn Rate of Snorlax is about 0.016 percent, with a capture rate of 16 percent. It also has a Flee Rate of 9 percent. The stat meant to say that searching for Snorlax is like searching for a blue fat needle in the haystack.

Meanwhile, Tauros, a bull Pokémon that is a regional exclusive for some parts of United States is rumored to be seen spawning outside its natural habitat. Tauros is one of the least encountered Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game because of its exclusivity in United States.  South America where it is not supposed to be there. Reddit user MentalPurges claimed to have seen a couple of Tauros in a Convention Center at Tampa. No one knows if this is a glitch in the system or not, but enjoy it while it is still there.




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