Some fans are disappointed with the new Gyms!

Many fans were expecting more from the newest rework to the Pokemon GYMS that came to Pokemon GO. Some fans were expecting a new feature to come along with the rework though others were expecting simple design changes. Even though there is some word about the gyms being worse most players who actually fought at gyms before this update seem to be divided on whether they’re better or worse now.

One of the bigger highlights of the changes were the unique gym badges that came with some rewards for progression.

Each unique gym will have it’s own badge — so when you earn a badge, you can level up the badge by fighting at the gym or feeding defending Pokémon berries, and doing so gets you better items when you visit that gym. It’s a form of progression in a game that’s been lacking key features to the Pokemon franchise. This should also help trainers spend more time on the way towards maxing out their trainer level.

Hopefully the legendary Pokemon will be released giving trainers some hope before other features make their way into the game. Let’s just be glad that this rework is over — though there will obviously be small tweaks — the developers can now focus on other things aside those small tweaks.



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