Spoofers Can Be Of Some Good In Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO one of the first games to allow trainers to roam the real world and collect creatures alongside in-game content. The point to a game like this is to get out and walk and explore the world beside you. However, some trainers found a way to play the game. Setting in their home at their own comfort.

A program that can be downloaded onto the user’s phone allows them to control their GPS. Moving them where ever they wish to go. All to avoid walking. Some say they are too busy to play the game truthfully. However, being a working man of 4 jobs. There is still time to play the game without spoofing.

Though, just like everything else in the world spoofers do have some pros. One of which actually helps trainers out quite a bit. Imagen you live in a small community and the nearest town is miles away.

After many downfalls with Pokemon GO. Trainers don’t open up their ap as much, so gyms don’t change hands as often as they once did. That wasn’t a problem before the gym update. All you had to do is go to your gym defenders bonus in the shop and collect your rewards.

However, that isn’t the case anymore. The only way you can receive coins for defending a gym is being kicked out of the gym by another team. There is a hard cap of 50 coins per day. No matter how many gyms you get kicked out of. And no matter how many days a Pokemon defends a gym.

A Pokemon can be in a gym for a week. The bonus should add up, right? 50 coins a day means 50 coins a day. But not with this game, unfortunately. Some trainers can be in a gym for weeks on end. The only way they get their Pokemon back and coins for their Pokemon “hard” word is reaching out to trainers.

Though a wish not often granted by trainers of their own community. Several spoofers have actually been helping trainers out. If you ask for someone to kick your Pokemon out in a certain gym on “The Silph Road” Reddit. Spoofers are more than welcome to help you out!



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