The Countdown for the Halloween Event starts now!

Since Halloween last year, fans have been going through a rough time trying to enjoy events as much as they did during the event Pokemon GO had during Halloween. Many fans are huge fans of Ghost Pokemon already, which increased spawn rates, and bonuses brought out an even better time for Pokemon GO players to enjoy the game on Halloween.

Will the Halloween Event be the exact same as it was last year? There’s actually a possibility that this event could be terrible, though I would doubt that they’d do anything different than they did last year besides adding some new Pokemon to the increased spawn list and maybe adding/removing some small side rewards.

The Halloween event could bring double XP which could help tons of lower level trainers get into those higher level raids that have a much higher difficulty and higher requirement to attend. Also adding increased spawns for selected Ghost-type Pokemon and Psychic-type Pokemon will help trainers fill some much needed Pokedex spots.

One of the main reasons why I enjoyed the event last year was because of the increased rate for Gengar, which happens to be one of my favorite Pokemon out of every Generation. It also happened to be one of the hardest out of the first batch of Pokemon games to get if you had nobody to trade with.



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