The International 2017 NEWBEE vs EVIL GENIUSES Match

Newbee completed a sweep of Evil Geniuses 2-0 and send Evil Geniuses to the lower bracket with Team Liquid. Let’s break down the series, Newbee’s bans here were brilliant. Every single ban was something Evil Geniuses had found success on. They didn’t ban the meta, they didn’t ban any over powered picks. Newbee banned out EG themselves and it worked. They forced EG off comfort picks and drafted a solid late game lineup for themselves. EG did pick Naga Siren and Kunkka; but zai’s couldn’t counter engage with Siren’s Song against this Newbee draft. When a team with Kunkka is behind he’s much less effective, his pick and teamfight oriented kit did not benefit EG in this game. SumaiL was kept down this game and he never really got going on Mirana. It’s unfortunate that the same team who always seemed to pick Lycan after Nightstalker didn’t see Newbee picking Disruptor into their Mirana. Eg got a pick onto Outworld Devourer but that lead into a 4-0 teamfight win for Newbee. After that EG attempted to split push but Newbee exploited this and forced their way into’s EG’s base. While EG took two lanes of melee barracks Newbee were winning the game.



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