The Real Reason Why Charmander Will Die If It’s Tail Burns Out

One of the most desired Pokemon starters from the first generation is Charmander, the only fire-type Pokemon you’re able to pick out of the 3 starters. Charmander is such an amazing Pokemon and eventually evolves into some great Pokemon such as Charmeleon and Charizard.

Charizard happens to be the Pokemon of the rarest Pokemon card in the world, helping further the legacy for the fire-type Pokemon being one of the most loved out of the bunch.

During the Anime’s first season, fans saw Ash meet an abandoned Charmander who also seemed to be partially abused. We see Ash and friends rush Charmander to the Pokemon Center while also meeting the owner of the Charmander, who seems to not care about what happens to the Charmander at all.

During this brief segment we learn about how Charmander can die if his tail burns out. This can confused fans as we’ve watched Charizard fall into a lake and not die, it’s fire on the tail didn’t even dim slightly- It just Mega Evolved.

One of the main reasons why we all believe that  Charmander can die if it’s tail burns out is because the games and Anime both claim it does, and to add on to this, the flame on Charmander’s tail also measures the life force of it.

Now when Pokemon Crystal Version dropped, the Pokedex of Charmander changed to ” If it’s healthy, the flame on the tip of it’s tail will burn vigorously, even if it gets a bit wet”

In Pokemon Black&White, it’s changed even further to ” The fire on the tip of it’s tail is a measure of it’s life. If healthy, its flame burns intensely.”

This would indicate that the tail is a sign of health, rather than something that keeps it alive, this could also mean Ash and friends were just freaking out because Charmanders life force was pretty low due to it being abused by it’s previous trainer for not winning battles.




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