The Trailer For The Newest c Game Reveals Pokemon From Another World?!?

The Pokemon Company, specifically its Japanese YouTube channel, released a super mysterious and very strange teaser last week. You can see the slightly creepy, X-Files-type video below, which teases a reveal to come July 19.

The title is translated to read: “Pokemon Mystery Files: A world of Pokemon you don’t know.” You can watch the trailer below:

The Japanese Pokemon website also made a creepy mystery page for this announcement that you can check out by clicking here

On the mysterious page, a translated message from the Pokemon company states:

 Ancient ruins, time travel, alien rumors – There are many mysterious things in the world that can not be unveiled by science alone. The theory that the “Pokemon” familiar to us is deeply involved in all of these events is being shouted out loudly these days. So our staff, in particular, validated some of the paranormal phenomena called “wonders of the world” from various angles. From there it was the existence of “Pokemon” again!
From what angle can you see the existence of Pokemon, will it be a key to the world’s mystery … …. Let’s clarify the whole picture!

It appears that these games could be announced 7.26.2017 from the date shown on the webpage promoting the mystery game. Though we should be expecting an announcement within the next few days about it to help get fans pumped up about the game.

The mysterious page also offers some cool back stories like this Wrigley guy.


Since Wrigley was not confirmed until about 50 years ago from now, it is rumored that he came on a UFO that crashed in the desert. Although this picture was taken 50 years ago, it seems that this photo was the basis and the stupid story that “Wrigley came from outer space on UFO was caught” spread around the world … ….
In truth, it turned out later that Wrigley was just taking a walk with the trainer and his wife. Wrigley still has plenty of mysteries.

There also seems to be 3 other characters, named Sakuji, Humi Mi, and Ohnuki each with their own special profession or backround. Before this the page explains more about the mystery going on by saying:

There are rumors that Pokemon is involved in some way in relation to urban legends in the world such as time slip, alien, UFO, different dimension space, ancient ruins. Is it really only a story about rumors? About the “mystery” that everyone is interested in, the specialists of the road thoroughly debate!

Which words you believe depends on you ….



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