These Generation 3 Pokemon Are Regional?

When Pokemon GO was first released, it came to a surprise for many trainers when they realized they won’t be able to get their hands on some of their favorite Pokemon. The reason for this was because Niantic made some of the Pokemon region exclusive.

You can only catch these Pokemon in this locations:

Untied States of America – Tauros

Europe – Mr. Mime

Australia and New Zealand – Kangaskhan

Asia – Farfetch’d

South America & Central America – Heracross

Topical – Corsola

When generation 2 came out, it was a little surprising as well to see that 2 Pokemon from the generation would become regional as well. Mostly because the amount of hate over these type of Pokemon is very large.

It leaves many trainers left out while creating one of the biggest issues with the game; spoofers. To make matters worse, it sounds like the only way you will be able to get a regional Pokemon is by going to the location that has a chance of spawning them.

Niantic mentioned that training may in fact not be global, rather locally. The problem with this is that means some trainers will never be able to fill out their Pokedex’s. Though, that doesn’t seem to matter for John Hanke. The chances of us seeing more regional Pokemon in the future is fairly high.

So Which Pokemon could become regional for generation 3?

Well as part of another tropical Pokemon Luvdisc could be another Pokemon that spawns around the same location Corsola does. Really though, that’s about the only Pokemon that would make sense to become a regional unless Niantic plans on giving regions another Pokemon to go nuts over.




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